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Milk production

The liquid Prominend and Pigger products are a palatable calf milkproducts. They are delivered as a liquid – and based on food-grade dairy ingredients. The advanced production technology, involving ultra-high temperature treatment (UHT), ensures an exceptional long shelf life of 12 months unopened and eight weeks opened. In addition, this process maintains the protein quality of the dairy ingredients, which improves digestibility and solubility. This technology has so far been restricted to the baby food industry and so marks a new progression for the animal feed industry. Furthermore, this highly sustainable high-tech production process saves energy in comparison with the traditional drying process.

Shelf life
Shelf life 12 months
Product quality
Product quality High protein quality Less sediment
Sustainability No drying energy

Fat-filled products

Our fat-filled ingredients are produced in the state-of-art spray drying facility at Liprovit production site. In the hyper modern factory various mixtures of dairy and oils and fats can be spray dried. The factory has heath recovery and sustainable co-heating to reduce the carbon footprint. After spray drying all the products are prepared by a bedding dryer to achieve maximum lactose crystallization. We also realize doubtless free-flowing properties. Flexibility, constant quality and minimal hygroscopicity are paramount in our objectives.